on turning 24.

i turned 24 yesterday. i am aware that 24 is not that old however, i feel as if i act to be at least 33. perhaps becoming a mother does this to you.

but 24.. i find this age hard to understand. for starters i find myself to be in this strange fashion limbo lately.. like is it still ok for me to shop at forever 21? or i am i too old? & are those clothes even mother appropriate? where do 24 year olds shop? old navy? the loft? dillards.. bleeehhh.

or do i continue to wear my usual wardrobe of langhorne slim band t-shirts & skinny jeans? there is nothing wrong with this outfit. i find it appropriate for most occasions. yet, i still am stared at strangely when i wear this to story time with my child. who knows.. maybe it’s just me they think is odd.  😉

i know one thing about being 24.. i have already reached the conclusion in my life that wearing thong underwear is not comfortable. & you ladies that say it is are still in denial. it’s ok i was too. but really, it does feel like your butt got hungry & ate your underwear. am i right? i am. i know.

turning 24 i suddenly no longer feel the need to care too much about what others think of me. i spent a good deal of my life worrying on what others thought of me. & it is extremely exhausting. i no longer have the time to bother with this..

so here is to my 24th awkward year of life. may you be full of new adventures & lessons. bring it on. 


^^ i am certain this lady thinks i am cool beans^^


my darlin’ baby large bow giveaway!


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thank ya’ll so so much again for your interest & enthusiasm! starting to sell these little bows has been something i have wanted to do for a while now & just never felt the time was right until now so thank ya’ll for making it possible for me to do so. this will help me so much & i am hoping to make enough money off of these so i do not have to take out a book loan for the fall semester at school. 🙂

all of those bows will be made from 1930’s vintage reproduction fabric & if i ever find a good amount of real vintage fabric i will do a limited amount of those. i know that chevron, arrows, & geometric patterns are all the rage right now but you will not find those patterns here. i have a soft spot for the vintage-y & floral-ish patterns so this is what you will find. (not saying i don’t like those patterns but there are enough people out there making those lol.)

all of the bows will be handmade by myself. you will have your choice of the bow to be attached to an ivory colored skinny elastic headband or alligator hair clip. i will be making two sizes.. small & large. here is an example of a large bow.

i will also be sure to do another giveaway in the future if this all goes well!


there will be two winners selected for your choice of pattern Ethel (top left), Clover (top right), Dolly (bottom left), or Emmylou (bottom right) in a large bow with your choice of hardware. you can enter this giveaway 3 times. 

  1. comment with your favorite bow pattern name. 
  2. like oh my darlin & i’s facebook page & leave a comment here telling me that you have done so.
  3. share this giveaway on facebook or instagram & hashtag #mydarlinbabybows & leave a comment here telling me that you have done so.

so you can leave 3 seperate comments to count for 3 seperate entries!

the winners will be randomly selected from only the comments left here on this blog page!

the giveaway will end sunday, june 30th at 8 pm. est.

good luck ya’ll.

life as of late..


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^^super adorable clementine feet in too-big-hand-me-down saltwater sandals.^^

sorry i have been M.I.A. again.. but super fun announcement.

i will be opening an etsy shop within the next two weeks selling hair bows. these bows will be made from vintage reproduction fabrics & handmade by myself & my husband (he is a better seamstress than i..)  i am hoping it goes well! i have had an amazing response from facebook & instagram. & well, mama needs the money for college text books in the fall.

i am not sure where this will lead. but it seems like it will be fun. i will only have a limited number of bows my first upload so i will keep everyone updated. & will also be doing a giveaway this weekend here on oh my darlin & i and on instagram. so there will be two winners.


here is a preview of the dainty bows. for those interested. & thank you all for your support already. you have no idea how much this means to me & how thrilled i am.

a link to my shop is at the right side of my blog.

my darlin’ baby bows.

how watching reality talent competitions gives me a false sense of having an actual talent.

one of the perks of being a stay at home mama (who has taken the summer semester off) is i get to watch all the crappy reality television at night time that i used to miss when i waited tables or was submersed in college textbooks & a nursing newborn..

i have always been one of those overly emotional television watchers. not for all things.. just certain types of shows. for instance where the chubby kid gets kissed, the dorky girl becomes prom queen, or commercials with babies in them. AND especially reality talent competitions.. american idol, america’s got talent, so you think you can dance, the voice. yep, all those. i cry.. like every episode.

not only do these reality talent competitions make me cry but they also give me a false sensation of being able to achieve the feats that i have just watched. i suddenly think i can sing opera or balance bowls on top of my head. i once tried to juggle oranges. but usually.. i just try to sing like the people i hear. which is bad. my singing voice is an awkwardly sheepish attempt to sound somewhere between billy holiday & gillian welch. it is a bad combination.

my husband is a horrible encourager. he gives me false hope of my singing dreams. but i think this is just because he needs someone to sing along with his mandolin or ukulele playing.


^^the only thing this photo has to do with this post is showcase my amazing ordinaryness & my husband said he liked it. & i hate for my posts not to have photos.^^

the point of this post being.. i wish i had an awesome talent but i have never been extraordinary at anything other than baking a pecan pie or any other delightfully delicious baked good.

i am sure someone out there is envious of this gift. now to get myself on a reality competition baking pies.

i abandoned blogging again.. i blame moving with a toddler.


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i hate moving.

it has been almost a week since my last post & i did not want to leave my blog alone for that long. here are some photos from the new place. clementine seems to thoroughly enjoy her new home. i have yet to relish in the joy of not living in our apartment.. still too many boxes to unpack & things to hang & organize (if you are a frequent reader you know organization is not one of my strong points). i have always hated packing & unpacking but moving with a toddler comes with a whole new set of challenges. corey & i used to just knock it all out & stay up through the night.. now, well we cannot miss out on that precious sleep.


^^ clem, did you make this mess? “nooooooooooo!” ^^

see why i cannot make any progress. lol.

too many pink toys.. am i limiting clementine’s future thinking?


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i know this may sound crazy but the thought occurred to me today as i pack to move into our new home. why do i have so many pink things for clementine? i know that i personally love pink but is it really necessary to have a pink school bus, pink wooden blocks, pink shopping cart, pink rug, pink stuffed animals, pink, pink, & more pink….

then i started to think about the toys they offer in the stores. there is a distinct difference now between what toys are meant for girls & what toys are meant for boys. so what if i want to buy my daughter a baby cradle that is red not pink. or a stroller that is yellow? i do not have these options.. clementine does not have these options.

IMG_6385^^ ok.. well looking at this maybe i have done a fairly decent job mixing the toy colors  BUT there is still an abundance of pink^^

by having all of the “girl” toys be pink like kitchen plays sets, strollers, & cradles it is almost as if we are telling little boys it is not ok to want to play with them. when is it not perfectly natural for a little boy to want to pretend to cook or push a stuffed animal in a stroller? & why make “boys” toys pink? like power tools & dump trucks? that just says.. “hey clementine, you can play with this dump truck but since you are a girl it needs to be in a daintier hue.” 

what are we teaching our daughters when all we buy them are barbies & play make up? that only fashion & looks matter?

& has anyone noticed recently how old characters such as tinkerbell (tinkerbell actually has always been somewhat of a tart to me) & rainbow brite & strawberry shortcake have gotten a taller, slimmer, more sexy makeover? why? just another jab telling our daughters that everything is about looks.

i am extremely guilty of being sucked into all the girly toys.. but as of now i put my foot down. we need some more colors & i am on a mission to find a red or yellow baby doll cradle. & i do not even think clementine really likes pink.. none of her favorite toys are pink. & her favorite toy is a grey, blue, brown, & green stuffed owl. so there is proof that she does not always like the froo froo toys.

IMG_6213^^ & look at what i do to her.. a pink hair bow!!! lol 😉 ^^

oh.. & do not even get me started on the books & tv shows directed at little girls! (ahem.. sofia the first & olivia the pig i am talking about you!). one of my  favorite mama bloggers wrote a wonderful post about this & my pink post reminded me.. 

a weekend without mama.. according to clementine.


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my most deserving husband & i had an overnight without clementine. we spent it catching up with one another, eating, & dancing at our favorite folk rocker.. Langhorne Slim’s concert. we hardly took any pictures because well.. we forgot to charge our phones & we needed to save the battery for clementine updates. these lips are one of the only pictures from our stay.


while i was almost 2 hours away, Clementine was having the time of her life with her nini & pappy. she never cried or seemed stressed/anxious about our seperation. this eased my suffering a little.


Clementine had so much fun playing at the park, riding carousels, riding a choo choo train, & blowing bubbles.

it is comforting to know that this lady who used to be so dependent & would never let another person hold her is able to spend an entire day & a half without me.

we survived. although i do not need to be away from my clementine for a long, long time. not until she is 12. no, 16. maybe i will just stay with her in her college dorm. she would like that.. think.


reuniting with clementine. my instincts were correct. she would still want to nurse & not wean in an overnight. our breastfeeding days may be numbered but they are not over just yet. i am just trying to give her every bit of the good stuff that i can.


driving home with our lovely lady we stopped at the always amazing Pedro’s South of the Border. a wonderfully well preserved kitschy myrtle beach road trip landmark with cleanish restrooms & amazing photo taking opportunities. it also may be one of the most culturally offensive things i have seen but it was built in the 50’s & i am fairly certain they did not think of those sorts of things.

clementine screamed with joy at all the colors & signs. i truly have never seen this girl more excited. you would have thought we just took her to disney land. i wish we could have stayed & let her run around longer but corey had to make it home in time for work.. we still love him even though he killed our fun.


a clementineless post.

my baby is gone for an overnight weekend with her grandmother. i won’t see her until sunday morning.

this is an extremely hard & terrible thing.

soo.. what have i done with myself in the almost 2 hours of her absence?

  • listen to chick rock. extremely loud. & sang it extremely loud. 
  • thought about plucking my eyebrows.. but hey i have never done that anyway.
  • thought about painting my nails.
  • thought about cleaning.
  • text my best friend in hawaii whom i miss oh so much.
  • thought about showering.
  • thought about a lot of things actually. 


^^accurate portrayal of myself. see.. i need a little work. haha^^

i pride myself on being brutally honest. obviously. ^

also.. i cropped out my gray hairs.

tomorrow my husband & i date. it should be fun. hopefully i remember how to be cool. actually, i was never really cool. i am just a really good faker.

see, this is what oh my darlin & i would be like without clementine. creepy. lol.


feel no other. a musical review of a distinct local band.


Feel No Other is a local myrtle beach band consisting of two members, Claudia Gregory of Exhaust the Fox & Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise. After listening to the 5 minute EP made up of 5 different 1 minute songs I was hesitant on what style to call this band.. because we all know that it is always necessary to throw bands into a category (sarcasm there). Claudia’s answer of  “A combination of folk/European folk/indie with electronic influences? Hard to pin.” suits them well. If I had to compare it to any other type of music out there I would have to say Beirut. This is a band you just need to listen to for yourself & make up your own mind.

“March Towards the West” happens to be my favorite song of the 5. Having just watched Django Unchained, it sounds like something straight from the movie. The songs all tell theatrical stories in a style that has an edginess & at times feels a bit dark. And that could partially due to Claudia’s hauntingly memorable voice.


So, for all my local readers Feel No Other’s next show will be July 6th at Studio B in the Market Common. I would highly recommend going if you can. Support a local band who is just a bit different from what else you will find here on the beach. Because you know we all get tired of hearing the same 90’s rock cover bands every time we go out.

rainy days.. according to clementine.


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rainy days for clementine are usually filled with naps, cuddles, and some sort painting. today we were just looking to do something a little different since i have exhausted every craft outlet lately. i thoroughly enjoy being a hands on mom coming up with ideas for clementine to do everyday but sometimes i reach a wall. a creative block so to speak.

so for us today.. that meant time for splashing in puddles. sometimes i forget that as much fun as it is to teach clem how to count & her letters & colors that sometimes just letting her get nice & dirty has a whole other level of learning that she needs as well.

clementine watched her boat float down the side of the street (an undeveloped cul de sac that is blocked off from cars, so perfectly safe) and jumped into giant puddles in her rain boots & rain coat. so many memories to be made daily with this toddler. everything is an adventure to clementine.

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