about this blog & our family.

hello all. 537845_4865959775540_1835892672_n

this is me.. brittany. i prefer for you to call me britt. (as i get older brittany just tends to sound silly to me.) i am a stay at home mother & full time college student living off the coast of south carolina.

originally from indiana i find myself to be a strange mash up of irish-midwestern culture & southern coastal hippie. makes for a good time i say! this blog started as a way to help explain my parenting style to those who had questions & an easy way to keep in touch with distant family.

it turned into more. i do not feel the need to post a constant array of recipes & crafts to keep readers coming, although i may from time to time. i mostly hope you are here for my wit & charm. haha. but hope you find my love of breastfeeding, babywearing, & peaceful parenting along the way.

i hate capitol letters. can do a wonderful Loretta Lynn impersonation. i bake when i am bored. & will not purchase a shoe unless it is a flip flop or slips on. also, i am a dork.

DSC07828corey is my husband. he is kind of a rock star.

not really.. but he plays mandolin in a local folkabilly band. & can serenade you on the ukulele. he also has an amazing ability to create theme songs for people at random. he loves vintage records & food. especially food with gravy. he would wear the same clothing everyday if i did not attempt to have an input in what he wears.

we fell in love at 17 & eloped at 23. he makes me laugh everyday. i will be honest.. it is exhausting to marry the man who always makes jokes but i love him.

PicMonkey Collage

& this lady is clementine. lover of all animals & shoes.

she may just be the most expressive little babe i know. she is chatty but shy around strangers. she has amazing dance moves. & loves cuddling babies (stuffed animals).

if you ever see any photography on this blog that is professional looking it would be by this lady.

also.. i love to share local businesses. if you want clementine & i to talk about you.. let me know 🙂


3 thoughts on “about this blog & our family.”

  1. I absolutely love that photo of the three of you! So beautiful. ♡

  2. What a sweet story. Good for you on bringing up baby the way you see fit! Following from the blog hop. Would love for you to stop by and say hi!

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