dear sweet babies,
in our lives we tend to associate courage with acts of heroism & belonging to the likes of people who do great things.
what we forget to recognize is that on it’s most basic level.. we must possess courage if we want to really live. if we want to truly love.


my sweet babies.. courage in its simplest is our ability to be real to ourselves. to be who we most sincerely are. & to with no shame share that person with the world.
you will only be happy when you can live your life freely of what others expect you to be. & live honestly.


i want for you dear clementine to be courageous always as your loud, awkward self & stay as candid as you are in this moment. it is beautiful. & townes, we have only just met. i carry you close each day for you to build up your strength & courage to be your own person. stay pure hearted my little boy, for your kind are easily corrupted in our times.







*i realize Townes’ head is quite low in a few photos. We were discretely nursing. You know how those newborns are 😉