i probably share this every new year somewhere but i will share it again.
this is a list of 33 “rulin’s” Woody Guthrie wrote in 1942.

i am sure your Facebook feeds have been filled with posts about what to aspire to, what you should be, how you should change, in the new year.

but all these resolutions & unrealistic lists make me feel inadequate & i have always hated the idea of making resolutions. it makes me feel as if i have failed the previous year.
but i haven’t failed, you haven’t failed. life happens.. & it does not go the way you plan it.

i  like to think that to have successful & happy & love filled years it all depends on how you choose to react to situations around you. not what you aspire or make resolutions to happen.

so i always look at this list on New Year’s Eve & make one for my own life.
& making sure i bathe on the regular is always borrowed to add to the top of my list.

& my personal favorite of all, “wake up & fight.”