so i abandoned blogging again. life was pretty chaotic & blogging was an easy thing to drop from my list. i love blogging.. just going through & reading this blog’s comments & emails from wonderful mothers about how i helped them with their body image after pregnancy or breastfeeding or thanking me for answering babywearing questions  makes me feel like this is little blog has done a little good for some mama out there. but it does become overwhelming for me.

i guess i will jump right into life… we are having a baby boy. late march or early april. whenever he decides to appear. i think this new pregnancy is what triggered my blogging hiatus. i am sensitive when i am pregnant & i didn’t want to write something & someone hurt my feelings. but most importantly pregnancy for me is so much more than wanting to put sauerkraut on everything that i eat. it is more than puffy feet, hip pains, & crankiness. i like spending my free time (of which i have very little) trying to actually enjoy the miracle. getting to know the baby boy.. imagining what he will look like. if he will be a good sleeper. a good eater. if him & his sister will get along. you know, silly mama things. i enjoy that stuff.

i have also been spending more time with clementine. she learns so much every day. & i love to teach her. toddlers are super special & have extreme emotions.. so naturally i get along perfectly with them.

so you see, in my pregnant head it just seemed so silly for me to keep up with this because i am busy dreaming.

but i missed it. & i am back.

it is also nice to come back & see that my eff your beauty standards post is still like crazy popular. thanks y’all. & even more interesting to see that many people have found it by typing such things as “beautiful chubby women in bikinis.”, “large breasts on the beach.”, “moms with large hips.” & my personal favorite “darling nipples.” i hope that they all found what they were looking for in my blog. bahahaha.

i am not sure how frequently i will be posting & there are a few cool things that hopefully will be up on here soon.

but thank you all for reading & encouraging & liking things i have/have had to say. i am not nearly cool enough for your inquiries about where i have been.