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i am awesomely lucky in the fact that i grew up with a mother who always found & provided me with the best children’s music to listen too. i think too often as parents we think that all children’s music is annoyingly loud & techno-like when it does not have to be. children need music. honestly. it helps to develop their language skills, listening skills, encourages creativity & brain activity, & also it brings out the sweetest little dance moves.

too often i think our kids have to settle for what is on the radio when they would much rather be listening to songs where they can recognize what the words are & mean.. like songs about “apples & bananas” or “teddy bears”.

just simple & repetitive songs.

so, here is a list (my most favorite of things, A LIST) of “Clementine’s” favorite songs.

Peter, Paul & Mary


yes, i may be peter, paul & mary obsessed. i blame my mother & grandparents. however they have the greatest children’s music!! actually, they have several albums that are kid friendly or purposfully made for kids.

  • Around the Campfire
  • Peter, Paul & Mommy
  • Peter, Paul & Mommy Too (this is my all time favorite & is very difficult to get your hands on.. but totally worth the hunt on ebay & amazon. i recommend the VHS.)

honestly, anything by this group i almost consider children’s music because they sing mostly folk songs. but, here is a link to our favorite Right Field. 



^^^this is indeed Raffi with a baby beluga whale^^^

every one should grow up with raffi. this is just how i feel. i love him. obviously i will not list albums of his because they are all actually children’s albums but i will mention our two favorites which are..

  • Baby Beluga 
  • Singable Songs for the Very Young.

we love Down By The Bay, Baby Beluga, & of course Apples & Bananas.

Sing Me to Sleep – Indie Lullabies


ok, this one is not an artist but a compilation of different indie artists singing lullabies. it is amazing. i stumbled upon this while pregnant & just love it so. who would not love music song by lovely indie darlings? our favorites..

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman


YES!! these two have an amazing children’s album that i totally would listen too without the babe on a regular basis. it is called Not For Kids Only. who does not like to listen to two old hippies singing children’s songs? There Ain’t No Bugs On Me & Teddy Bears’ Picnic are on constant repeat.


you may all be thinking by now i know waaayy too many children’s song but i assure this is not nearly half of it. this may have to be a two parter 😉 my husband & i have found all these songs an amazing alternative to having the tv on all day. because let’s face it.. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is super annoying.