we no longer choose to cover our breastfeeding. the breastfeeding of clementine or any future children we may have. the reason i say “we no longer choose” is because it is a decision i made with my husband. after struggling with a nursing cover in public for around 9 months i asked my husband if he would be opposed to me nursing coverless in public. to which his response was, “no, i was wondering when you were going to give that up.”

that is why i love him.


you see, as a society we should give our men more credit when it comes to looking at a nursing woman. a woman nursing freely without a cover is not sinful or scandalous in any form. we are using our bodies the way that they are entended to be used. & most argue that they will arouse sexual desire in the men & young boys who may happen to catch a glance of us mothers trying to nourish our babies. & this is where my husband & i agree that it is nonsense.. & even if the sexual desire is aroused in said men than that is something that they need to look upon their own heart & realize that a woman’s breasts serve two purposes. to feed her children. & to please her husband. but in no way will the one take dominance over the other so as to make it sinful or scandalous for a mother to feed her child.

 i ask you this.. is it okay for your teenage daughters to wear bikinis? is it ok to see lingerie ads in stores? these are socially acceptable but yet they cause the lustful desire in men even more so than a breastfeeding woman i would say.

i have come across the argument that some families do not want their children to see nursing mothers.. to which i say is absurd! what? why?! children are the ones who will see breastfeeding for what it is, not the sexual entity that some try to make it! once when i was breastfeeding a very tiny clementine with a cover a little girl around 3 wanted to know what was going on under my blanket. i told her to ask her mother if she could see & the mother agreed. & i just sat there while that sweet little girl popped her head under my cover & watched clementine nurse.. she was not disgusted. she did not giggle. she was fascinated. she was learning.

perhaps if i grew up seeing more women nursing in public i would have been less scared in the beginning to take my sweet baby out in public. you can nurse without a cover & still show very little to no skin. & i can say from experience the people who are going to stare at you for breastfeeding will watch & stare at you if you have a cover or if you do not have a cover. like i said earlier.. you cannot mind these people for they need to look upon their own hearts to become comfortable with themselves. it is not you mama that is the problem or your child at your breast.