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august 1-7 is world breastfeeding week. so as a breastfeeding mother of 17 months now  i will do my part in sharing knowledge & the love i have for this topic.

i will start first by saying this is NOT a breast is best or breastfeeding will make my child more intelligent post. i actually really despise posts & articles like that because i think they are nonsensical in a way. i was a formula fed baby & currently have a 4.0 GPA.. so i don’t see much validity there. also, those posts do nothing but cause a ruckus & hurt the feelings of other mothers. & this blog will never be about that. 


^^ i love, LOVE how many images of the nursing toddler Jesus there are. ^^

so let us make this boobie post about our choice as a family (because my husband does have a say in how he wants his child raised) to continue breastfeeding past a year & let Clementine make her own decision about when she is ready to be done.

let me start by saying that i never thought that our nursing relationship would make it past 8 weeks.. we had a horrible start with a baby who would not latch & screamed & screamed & pushed away at my breast. it is heartbreaking. we also had problems with weight gain.. & people & family members scare you by throwing words out there like “failure to thrive” but we were lucky to have an extremely breastfeeding friendly pediatrician who assured us that was not the case. we were fine.

it is not that my family was unsupportive.. they were just new to breastfeeding. & i think everyone was tired of seeing me struggle. because i probably cried every day. one night an episode of 16 & pregnant came on & there was a 17 year old successfully breastfeeding a baby she almost gave up for adoption. i lost it.

but luckily for me i am stubborn & we worked through it. but it took a lot of time at home. a lot of time on the couch. a lot of time nursing & pumping.. & those darn nipple shields. (i loathe them).

as we reached clementine’s first birthday.. i began to realize that she was not ready to be weaned. she still nursed at the point about 6 times a day & it seemed unnatural to take it away from her. so my husband & i reached the decision to let clementine wean herself. two years old is also the recommended age by the World Health Organization. what we are doing is common practice in other countries & has been for centuries.

so, for those few that we have come in contact with that think i am breastfeeding because it is an emotional need i have.. you are wrong. or if you think i am lazy & don’t want to wean, i am making my child more dependent & clingy, or that i am gross… you are all wrong. i am going to continue to nurse my child because it is my choice as a parent, i feel it is better for her health, & is what feels natural for us as a family.

& i will continue to share our journey as an encouragement to other mothers & as part of an effort to normalize breastfeeding.


(there will be one other boobie post this week.. about why we no longer choose or feel the need to hide our breastfeeding in public.)