get-attachment-9^^my feet always have flip flop tans.. i do not wear real shoes hardly ever^^

so after basically telling everyone to EFF off after my last post, i decided things needed to be cheery & lighthearted. so music. music is happy & clem & i listen to a lot of it. it’s how we start & end our day.

so a list! my favorite thing!

music everyone should listen to & if you are not shame on you list. 


Peter, Paul, & Mary In Concert on vinyl may just be the most amazing thing anyone can listen to ever. If only to listen to them sing Jesus Met the Woman at the Well.. amazing & their banter is always entertaining no matter if you already know what they are going to say next. 


Arlo Guthrie Hobo’s Lullaby. yes, i know this is not the greatest album from the son of music legend Woodie Guthrie, however it is the one i usually reach for.. perhaps i just enjoy watching Clem dance to Ukulele Lady or maybe it is the cover of his father’s 1913 Massarcre.. who knows but this album is probably the second most played in our home.


Avett Brothers Four Theives Gone. ok, i do not really care who thinks my lovely avetts are sell outs now.. because they are not. they are amazingly talented songwriters.. always. four theives gone could perhaps be my most favorite album from this century & the only reason for this being Left on Laura, Left on Lisa. (your argument is invalid here.)


Johnny Cash The Man In Black. i love this man. i love every part of his career. this album is kind of my church.. it is what i listen to when i feel i need Jesus.


Simon & Garfunkel Bookends. this album is another that could be in the running as one of my greatest of all time. America. everyone should know this song. also, Mrs. Robinson is on this album & i used to sing this to Clem when she was itty bitty (still do) & yes i know the song was for a movie about an adulterous woman. it does not stop me from turning it into a lullaby.


Justin Townes Earle Nothings Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now. if you do not know who this man is.. that is an awful shame. i once saw this man play a 30 minute guitar solo & i will say it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen. i love him because every single album has its own sound & style. this is also what some people don’t like about this man. Look The Other Way.. just listen & fall in love with him.


Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA. because i needed a cliche american rock album on here. we really do listen to this regularly.. Glory Days being our favorite of course.


Glen Campbell Too Late To Worry – Too Blue To Cry. forget the crazed rhinestone cowboy for a minute & just enjoy the young wholesome glen. lord knows i enjoy real country music.. i mean, i wanted to name clementine Dolly but was told “NO!”.  I’ll Hold You In My Heart. perfect country song.. kind of reminds me of elvis.

i realize i do not listen to very many women. i will make another list one day.. for there are actually very very few women i listen to.