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ok.. small disclaimer before i start this post. i began cloth diapering clementine when she was about 10 months old so i have not been a cloth diapering mom the whole time. some cloth diaper mothers invest an enormous amount of money into their stash & spend an enormous amount of time keeping them in pristine condition.

this is not me. 

i started cloth diapering for two reasons. reason number one was the obvious to save money & reason number two was to end our diaper waste. disposable diapers are horrible for the environment.

the only reason i did not cloth diaper from the begininning is that i was intimidated by the prices of some of the brands of diapers & the crazy cleaning methods that some of the mothers use.

here is what works for us. we have never had a problem with these cheaper brand diapers. AND i never have a problem with stains or smells despite not using certain tricks that other mothers swear by.


i will start with my all time favorite cheap cloth diaper. kawaii brand diapers. for the original square tab kawaii brand pocket diapers you will pay $7.50. they come with two inserts. this brand is my favorite because of the fit. if you have a baby with chubby thighs they work wonderfully. i have never had a problem with leaks, stains, or smells with these. & they are very user friendly.

get-attachment-10^^ original square tab kawaii diaper^^

Alva Baby

this is what i started to cloth diaper with. if you buy the solid color diapers you will pay $4.99. you cannot beat that price. with the alva baby diapers you have to order from the company in china so they do take about 2-3 weeks to ship. the reason that these are not my favorite diapers is they do not feel as durable as the kawaii brand & sometimes i feel as if the sizing is incorrect.. some of the diapers are slightly smaller than others. which should not be because they are a one size diaper. but this a great way to be introduced to cloth diapers… they do what they are supposed to do.

get-attachment-11 9.35.05 PM^^alva baby solid color diaper^^ 

Charlie Banana

this is probably my least favorite diaper but it is still a good diaper! the positives about this diaper is that they have adorable prints & bright colors ALSO they have a slimmer less bulky fit to them. they are the most expensive diaper i have tryed… at $16.79 a diaper. that is a bit steep for my taste but i had heard wonderful things. the one major issue i have with this diaper is that you pull the insert out in the front. which means you have to touch the pee.. with kawaii & alva baby i never touch pee. lol.

get-attachment-9^^charlie banana diaper^^ 

ok.. there is my low down on the diapers. now the other major issue that turned me away from cloth diapering was the detergents you are supposed to use. they are extremely expensive. well ladies, there are commercial detergents that are safe for cloth diaper usage. we use tide.. i am not ashamed to admit & it works wonderfully. i never have to treat stains or have i had problems with smelly diapers. it is ok to use it despite what you may hear.

to total up what we spent to start our cloth diapers…

20 alva  baby: $99.80

10 kawaii: $75

1 charlie banana: (on sale) $8.50

4 wet bags (2 large hanging wet bags for the home & 2 travel size for the diaper bag): $30 used off of ebay

grand total: $213.30  *our water bill went up $5 a month. thats it.*

the average total to diaper a baby until potty training.. $1600. that is around $60 a month. that is a ton of money & a ton of waste. 

cloth diapering is not as intimidating as it sounds. modern cloth diapers are amazing. no folding necessary. all you are doing is adding an extra load of laundry every other day.. not so bad. ask my husband.. he loves it!