tonight as i crouched down on the floor to attempt to take this super artsy picture of Clem reading on the couch it hit me that this lady is a 16 month old in 2 days. i will spare ya’ll the normal babel about how i cannot believe how much she has grown, all the things she knows how to do or say, or what her current favorites are. just know she is oh so intelligent & full of sass. 

somehow my thoughts meandered to our society & the women role models (or the lack there of) my Clem has to look up to growing up. i mean i feel as if there are plenty of women we have from the past 100 years who are known for their amazing feats.. Amelia Earheart, Marie Curie, Susan B. Anthony, Margaret Thatcher, you know all those awesome ladies Clem will hear about in school. & left me searching for modern women that i would want my daughter to look up to.

so here is my oh so short list.. & yes an amazing breastfeeding advocate is at the top.

Mayim Bialik. 


^^ nursing her then 3 year old son in public. badass. ^^

This amazing lady not only is incredibly funny Amy Farrah Fowler on the Big Bang Theory BUT she is a brilliant champion for attachment parenting, extended breastfeeding, cosleeping, homeschooling, & just women’s rights in general. She blogs about these things here. Oh.. she also has a B.S. in Neuroscience. She is a wonderful example for girls on how you can be a wonderful mother & follow your dreams. One does not have to over rule the other.

Ellen DeGeneres.

This one may be cheesy & maybe I just really love Ellen.. but one thing Ellen does very well is showing others that it is ok to be yourself. I love how she uses her mainstream success & addresses issues such as bullying in such a public setting while maintaining her funniness.

J.K. Rowling.

Ok, I love Harry Potter.. I even have a HP related tattoo but all that aside J.K. Rowling’s success story is an amazing one of a single mother making something out of nothing & achieving greatness. Rowling also does a wonderful job writing female characters in a way so that they are good role models for our daughters (Hermione, Luna, Ginny..) unlike that Twilight book where all the women/girls are whiney, clingy, & obsessed with boys (perhaps that was harsh..).

there is my list. i said it was short. perhaps i will add more one day. feel free to leave me any suggestions 🙂

& happy 16 months darling clementine.