i turned 24 yesterday. i am aware that 24 is not that old however, i feel as if i act to be at least 33. perhaps becoming a mother does this to you.

but 24.. i find this age hard to understand. for starters i find myself to be in this strange fashion limbo lately.. like is it still ok for me to shop at forever 21? or i am i too old? & are those clothes even mother appropriate? where do 24 year olds shop? old navy? the loft? dillards.. bleeehhh.

or do i continue to wear my usual wardrobe of langhorne slim band t-shirts & skinny jeans? there is nothing wrong with this outfit. i find it appropriate for most occasions. yet, i still am stared at strangely when i wear this to story time with my child. who knows.. maybe it’s just me they think is odd.  😉

i know one thing about being 24.. i have already reached the conclusion in my life that wearing thong underwear is not comfortable. & you ladies that say it is are still in denial. it’s ok i was too. but really, it does feel like your butt got hungry & ate your underwear. am i right? i am. i know.

turning 24 i suddenly no longer feel the need to care too much about what others think of me. i spent a good deal of my life worrying on what others thought of me. & it is extremely exhausting. i no longer have the time to bother with this..

so here is to my 24th awkward year of life. may you be full of new adventures & lessons. bring it on. 


^^ i am certain this lady thinks i am cool beans^^