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^^super adorable clementine feet in too-big-hand-me-down saltwater sandals.^^

sorry i have been M.I.A. again.. but super fun announcement.

i will be opening an etsy shop within the next two weeks selling hair bows. these bows will be made from vintage reproduction fabrics & handmade by myself & my husband (he is a better seamstress than i..)  i am hoping it goes well! i have had an amazing response from facebook & instagram. & well, mama needs the money for college text books in the fall.

i am not sure where this will lead. but it seems like it will be fun. i will only have a limited number of bows my first upload so i will keep everyone updated. & will also be doing a giveaway this weekend here on oh my darlin & i and on instagram. so there will be two winners.


here is a preview of the dainty bows. for those interested. & thank you all for your support already. you have no idea how much this means to me & how thrilled i am.

a link to my shop is at the right side of my blog.

my darlin’ baby bows.