one of the perks of being a stay at home mama (who has taken the summer semester off) is i get to watch all the crappy reality television at night time that i used to miss when i waited tables or was submersed in college textbooks & a nursing newborn..

i have always been one of those overly emotional television watchers. not for all things.. just certain types of shows. for instance where the chubby kid gets kissed, the dorky girl becomes prom queen, or commercials with babies in them. AND especially reality talent competitions.. american idol, america’s got talent, so you think you can dance, the voice. yep, all those. i cry.. like every episode.

not only do these reality talent competitions make me cry but they also give me a false sensation of being able to achieve the feats that i have just watched. i suddenly think i can sing opera or balance bowls on top of my head. i once tried to juggle oranges. but usually.. i just try to sing like the people i hear. which is bad. my singing voice is an awkwardly sheepish attempt to sound somewhere between billy holiday & gillian welch. it is a bad combination.

my husband is a horrible encourager. he gives me false hope of my singing dreams. but i think this is just because he needs someone to sing along with his mandolin or ukulele playing.


^^the only thing this photo has to do with this post is showcase my amazing ordinaryness & my husband said he liked it. & i hate for my posts not to have photos.^^

the point of this post being.. i wish i had an awesome talent but i have never been extraordinary at anything other than baking a pecan pie or any other delightfully delicious baked good.

i am sure someone out there is envious of this gift. now to get myself on a reality competition baking pies.