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i know this may sound crazy but the thought occurred to me today as i pack to move into our new home. why do i have so many pink things for clementine? i know that i personally love pink but is it really necessary to have a pink school bus, pink wooden blocks, pink shopping cart, pink rug, pink stuffed animals, pink, pink, & more pink….

then i started to think about the toys they offer in the stores. there is a distinct difference now between what toys are meant for girls & what toys are meant for boys. so what if i want to buy my daughter a baby cradle that is red not pink. or a stroller that is yellow? i do not have these options.. clementine does not have these options.

IMG_6385^^ ok.. well looking at this maybe i have done a fairly decent job mixing the toy colors  BUT there is still an abundance of pink^^

by having all of the “girl” toys be pink like kitchen plays sets, strollers, & cradles it is almost as if we are telling little boys it is not ok to want to play with them. when is it not perfectly natural for a little boy to want to pretend to cook or push a stuffed animal in a stroller? & why make “boys” toys pink? like power tools & dump trucks? that just says.. “hey clementine, you can play with this dump truck but since you are a girl it needs to be in a daintier hue.” 

what are we teaching our daughters when all we buy them are barbies & play make up? that only fashion & looks matter?

& has anyone noticed recently how old characters such as tinkerbell (tinkerbell actually has always been somewhat of a tart to me) & rainbow brite & strawberry shortcake have gotten a taller, slimmer, more sexy makeover? why? just another jab telling our daughters that everything is about looks.

i am extremely guilty of being sucked into all the girly toys.. but as of now i put my foot down. we need some more colors & i am on a mission to find a red or yellow baby doll cradle. & i do not even think clementine really likes pink.. none of her favorite toys are pink. & her favorite toy is a grey, blue, brown, & green stuffed owl. so there is proof that she does not always like the froo froo toys.

IMG_6213^^ & look at what i do to her.. a pink hair bow!!! lol 😉 ^^

oh.. & do not even get me started on the books & tv shows directed at little girls! (ahem.. sofia the first & olivia the pig i am talking about you!). one of my  favorite mama bloggers wrote a wonderful post about this & my pink post reminded me..