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my most deserving husband & i had an overnight without clementine. we spent it catching up with one another, eating, & dancing at our favorite folk rocker.. Langhorne Slim’s concert. we hardly took any pictures because well.. we forgot to charge our phones & we needed to save the battery for clementine updates. these lips are one of the only pictures from our stay.


while i was almost 2 hours away, Clementine was having the time of her life with her nini & pappy. she never cried or seemed stressed/anxious about our seperation. this eased my suffering a little.


Clementine had so much fun playing at the park, riding carousels, riding a choo choo train, & blowing bubbles.

it is comforting to know that this lady who used to be so dependent & would never let another person hold her is able to spend an entire day & a half without me.

we survived. although i do not need to be away from my clementine for a long, long time. not until she is 12. no, 16. maybe i will just stay with her in her college dorm. she would like that.. think.


reuniting with clementine. my instincts were correct. she would still want to nurse & not wean in an overnight. our breastfeeding days may be numbered but they are not over just yet. i am just trying to give her every bit of the good stuff that i can.


driving home with our lovely lady we stopped at the always amazing Pedro’s South of the Border. a wonderfully well preserved kitschy myrtle beach road trip landmark with cleanish restrooms & amazing photo taking opportunities. it also may be one of the most culturally offensive things i have seen but it was built in the 50’s & i am fairly certain they did not think of those sorts of things.

clementine screamed with joy at all the colors & signs. i truly have never seen this girl more excited. you would have thought we just took her to disney land. i wish we could have stayed & let her run around longer but corey had to make it home in time for work.. we still love him even though he killed our fun.