my baby is gone for an overnight weekend with her grandmother. i won’t see her until sunday morning.

this is an extremely hard & terrible thing.

soo.. what have i done with myself in the almost 2 hours of her absence?

  • listen to chick rock. extremely loud. & sang it extremely loud. 
  • thought about plucking my eyebrows.. but hey i have never done that anyway.
  • thought about painting my nails.
  • thought about cleaning.
  • text my best friend in hawaii whom i miss oh so much.
  • thought about showering.
  • thought about a lot of things actually. 


^^accurate portrayal of myself. see.. i need a little work. haha^^

i pride myself on being brutally honest. obviously. ^

also.. i cropped out my gray hairs.

tomorrow my husband & i date. it should be fun. hopefully i remember how to be cool. actually, i was never really cool. i am just a really good faker.

see, this is what oh my darlin & i would be like without clementine. creepy. lol.