Feel No Other is a local myrtle beach band consisting of two members, Claudia Gregory of Exhaust the Fox & Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise. After listening to the 5 minute EP made up of 5 different 1 minute songs I was hesitant on what style to call this band.. because we all know that it is always necessary to throw bands into a category (sarcasm there). Claudia’s answer of  “A combination of folk/European folk/indie with electronic influences? Hard to pin.” suits them well. If I had to compare it to any other type of music out there I would have to say Beirut. This is a band you just need to listen to for yourself & make up your own mind.

“March Towards the West” happens to be my favorite song of the 5. Having just watched Django Unchained, it sounds like something straight from the movie. The songs all tell theatrical stories in a style that has an edginess & at times feels a bit dark. And that could partially due to Claudia’s hauntingly memorable voice.


So, for all my local readers Feel No Other’s next show will be July 6th at Studio B in the Market Common. I would highly recommend going if you can. Support a local band who is just a bit different from what else you will find here on the beach. Because you know we all get tired of hearing the same 90’s rock cover bands every time we go out.