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rainy days for clementine are usually filled with naps, cuddles, and some sort painting. today we were just looking to do something a little different since i have exhausted every craft outlet lately. i thoroughly enjoy being a hands on mom coming up with ideas for clementine to do everyday but sometimes i reach a wall. a creative block so to speak.

so for us today.. that meant time for splashing in puddles. sometimes i forget that as much fun as it is to teach clem how to count & her letters & colors that sometimes just letting her get nice & dirty has a whole other level of learning that she needs as well.

clementine watched her boat float down the side of the street (an undeveloped cul de sac that is blocked off from cars, so perfectly safe) and jumped into giant puddles in her rain boots & rain coat. so many memories to be made daily with this toddler. everything is an adventure to clementine.

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