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i have a love/hate relationship with the place i have come to call home. myrtle beach most well known for it’s vast array of seafood buffets, miniature golfing, kitschy beach stores, & most recently trailer parks (thank you TLC). it could actually be a charming place to live if was not completely bombarded with tourists for the 3 months of the year you actually want to venture out & enjoy the place you live. (i will never understand why tourists feel the need to go to our movie theaters & shopping malls.. can you not do all this at home?!)

luckily for us.. we have less crowded beach areas & rivers that we turn to instead. but the traffic. it is… well this is a happy place so i will not speak of it here.

this is probably the only time you will see me write this all summer but as of june 1st i am thoroughly happy it is here. let’s see how i feel in 2 weeks when it is 100+ degrees.. my posts will probably read something like, “I HATE MY LIFE & I WANT TO LIVE IN ALASKA UUUGGGHHH.” but for now.. summer & i are cool.


i am so excited about my little clem’s first fun summer where she can play outside that i have created her own instagram hashtag #clemmieandthesummerday.  really it’s just a great way for family & i to keep up with the babes adventures. so sorry in advance if this becomes a compulsion. & if you pick up on the avett brothers connection you will be deeply loved in my heart forever.

so far our days have been filled with sunscreen, sand, & jelly shoes. mosquito bites, bubbles, & naked cloth diaper naps. only the best for these ladies. (i am not naked cloth diaper napping of course.. i nap fully clothed if you were wondering.)944609_10200228323779466_1823584523_n970367_10200228323459458_1949202647_n

^^^all things pink is always our motto.^^^


^^^the naked cloth diaper naps of which i speak^^^