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everybody starts somewhere.

263352_10200215735224760_1841643043_n^^itty bitty 3 month old clementine in a moby wrap^^

when i first had clementine i had no idea what babywearing was except for maybe those carriers like you see zach galifianakus wear in the hangover. i had heard of a moby wrap from a friend but never gave it a second thought.. & then i had problems with clementine gaining weight. i also needed another option besides a bassinet & a swing because itty bitty clementine was not a fan of those.

back to clementine not gaining weight.. i read that babywearing helped with infants who were having trouble gaining weight. so we finally invested in a moby wrap ($50). the moby wrap is a wonderful gateway into babywearing but there are more cons than pros to this extremely long and hot fabric & it almost turned me off babywearing all together. it is almost comical looking back on learning to babywear with that thing.. but at the time it was far from funny with a screaming baby & husband who thought it was a lame idea. but after weeks of use i figured the darn thing out & was free to cook, clean, walk the dogs, & even do my make up. i personally did not enjoy using it. the moby made me sweaty & frustrated but clementine seemed to enjoy it.

thus… the ring sling. (i think the word thus is not used enough.)


ring slings are great & are much more comfortable than a moby wrap. i also think that ring slings are very user friendly & wish that this had been where our babywearing journey had started. but as clementine got older & a little heavier i needed something more comfortable for long distances.. as clementine became more accustomed to being worn rather than pushed in a stroller. this opened the door to the wonderful world of woven wraps.


now when anybody asks me about babywearing i am quick to recommend woven wraps. there are all different makers.. this one happens to be a didymos & i do not see myself ever using another brand. woven wraps can be intimidating. there is a bit of a learning curve involved with them but honestly it took just as long to figure out the moby wrap as it did my didymos. with a woven wrap comes the ability to back carries which are easily my favorite carry. you can also do hip carries similar to a ring sling & front carries like in a moby. it is the perfect carrier. & also a beautiful one.


i write this post mainly because i get excited at any chance i have to talk about babywearing. but also as an invite & quick carrier over view  to the local mama’s that have expressed interest to me (other online mama’s too!).

there are so many benefits from babywearing you would never know of until you try..

  • soothe a fussy/teething baby
  • you can breastfeed hands free
  • babies learn while being worn.. always in a state of alertness to what you are doing & how you interact with your environment
  • enhances the development of speech as babies are always engaged in your conversations
  • calm a tantrum throwing toddler (this is a new discovery)
  • no stroller!

i honestly do not know how i would survive on a daily basis without babywearing for any period of time. i have never been one of those mama’s who has an alotted time they wish to babywear.. it was always been more a convenience thing for us.

i am not an expert on babywearing nor do i have any babywearing certification. i am merely trying to pass on knowledge that i wish i had known from the beginning. the best advice i can give you is this.. practice makes perfect.. you are not going to get it right on your first, second, or even third try. & to try different carriers because everyone is different. 

also.. daddy’s can babywear too. corey recently received his own carrier.. a kinderpack which we are still learning how to use 😉