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*disclaimer* when my husband works all day & it is just me & the babe.. i enjoy writing nonsensical ramblings after she goes to bed that have come into my head throughout the day.

women with small breasts. 

this i think is self explanatory if you know anyone or are someone who has particularly enormous breasts. large breasts get in the way. draw unwanted attention. make it hard to do activities like yoga without suffocating oneself. also.. i find the need to apologize for my cleavage on a daily basis. if i had small breasts i would go braless every day.

women who do not have gray hair at 23. 

another one that is rather self explanatory i think. really the amount of gray hair that i have is absurd & i am not even near 30.

the people who’s job it is to be a Yo Gabba Gabba character. 

yes the show may be obnoxious & annoying with it’s techno music & characters with crazy voices. BUT how fun would it be to dance around in a Brobee costume for a living? am i right? no… ok. moving on.

Unknownthe queen mother. 

before i write this out.. do not judge me for my dorkiness. ok.. the queen of england may not be the most well loved queen in our recent history but she is a queen. & this queen has quite the extensive hat collection that any elderly woman would be envious of.. & isn’t it your responsibility as an old lady to wear strange hats? AND she has a kennel of royal corgis! i love corgis. also anytime you can throw a party & call it  a “Jubilee”.. you are just rad.

 Unknown-1those who are organzied. 

usually i pride myself on not being obsessive over organizing & how well i function with so little structured household organization. but when i am on pinterest & see images of peoples cupboards with jars of pretty labeled spices or bathrooms with adorable q-tip holders i get a slight moment of jealousy. & then i realize how ridiculous it all is & if these people spend so much time obsessing over where their toiletries go.. gosh, i can’t imagine how much time they spend on things that are actually important. now i am realizing maybe this is one category of people i do not wish to belong to.. haha.

THE Kahleesi

ok.. again, i am a dork. but Kahleesi is ridiculously beautiful. like i want to hate her but i cannot because she is just too pretty. not only does she have perfectly blonde hair, smallish breasts (ahem), but she has dragons! & i love dragons. like really.. i do. she is also extremely intelligent which i look for in my lead female characters (Bella Swan.. you suck.) my husband & i have become game of thrones addicts & we care & worry about our Kahleesi. she kicks ass. OH & she ate a horse’s heart.


my 21 year old self. 

my 21st year was amazing. so much freedom & time to come & go as i pleased. my husband & i stalked bands, drank too much, slept in too much, & had so much fun. also i miss having a stomach that did not look like a horror movie. you mama’s without stretch marks have no idea how cruel your body can be to you. sometimes i wish life could be one long continuous 21st year.. but then i realize i had no purpose. it is nice having a purpose now. thank you clementine. (i forgive you for the stretch marks)23477_1250234384665_464919_n