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^^ the babe never stands still for a picture anymore.^^

this week i wanted to do according to clementine a bit different. i have seen a lot of sad/ judgemental mama comments be it on instagram or other mama blogs. i am fairly certain that when it comes to parenting we do the best that we can & what works for some mama’s may not work for another. & i know i should not need to feel the need to defend the way i parent or feel judged because i would never do that to another mama.

i do parent my clementine a lot differently than i thought i would while i was pregnant. for starters i co-slept with her until she was 6 months old which is one thing i never thought i would do. i truly enjoyed every minute of cosleeping & honestly i do not think i would have succeeded in breastfeeding without it. but that’s just me & what worked for us.

i breastfeed my toddler. *gasp* another thing i never said i would do. & no i am not spoiling her. it seems pointless to stop something that i fought HARD for just because some people think it should stop at one year. if she was ready to end it tomorrow that would be fine but for now we continue. & no.. she is not drinking cow’s milk yet but there are other ways of getting calcium. & that would be me.

other random tidbits about our parenting that we are not ashamed of..

  • clementine uses a pacifier
  • she sleeps in her own crib instead of cosleeping with us
  • clementine never did end up taking a bottle
  • we never offered clementine powdered rice cereal
  • we use a stroller but mostly babywear
  • she eats food that is not organic at times
  • she is allowed to watch tv while i cook & clean because now that she is heavier it is hard to do all that while babywearing everyday
  • she has eaten chocolate more than once
  • we cloth diaper to save money but i bought the cheapy ones from china. not the $20 a diaper ones because like i said i was trying to save money.
  • i use tide to wash my cloth diapers. not some organic what not…

how we have come to parent this way.. i am not sure. this is what felt natural to us. but if you do something that is completely opposite of this you are doing just fine too. if your baby never took a pacifier it does not make you a better parent than those who’s did. just like formula fed babies are no worse off than breastfed babies. mother’s who gave birth naturally are really awesome but if you didn’t, you are still pretty rad. maybe this all sounds silly.. but i am tired of all the negativity. & i know according to clementine i am doing an awesome job because she is one happy babe.

good job mama’s out there. do what feels right to make those babes happy. there is no wrong way..