sweet baby of mine.. (well i guess i have to call you a toddler now) you are growing up so fast. it has been awhile since i updated on you. you keep me really busy these days. you really have quite the personality.

ten things about my fourteen month old clementine.

  1. you love all dogs & try to hug & kiss them. which means you grab them around the neck & strangle them.. you especially love dogs small enough for you to pick up & squeeze. ( i do not think the feeling is always mutual. )
  2. you are quite the talker & already have a pile of words & phrases you like to pick from.. “watss dat?“, “wat is diss mama?“, “boobies“, “dog“, “book“, “ball“, “ABC’s“, & i swear the other day i heard you say “help me”.
  3. the itsy bitsy spider is your favorite song to sing. you know all the hand motions.. but prefer mama to sing it for you.
  4. you have two favorite books you make me read over & over & over.. one is a random dora the explorer book. i am not sure how we own it & you have never even seen an episode of dora but you make me count to you in english & spanish all day long. book two is chicka chicka boom boom. i believe this is where your love of the ABC’s comes from.
  5. all animals say “woof woof” be it a duck, cow, bird, cat, or dog.
  6. you are obsessed with shoes already. especially mama’s yellow toms. you show them to everybody that comes over & try to wear them around the house.
  7. you can go to sleep all by yourself.. which i am very proud of you for but still prefer to rock you.
  8. you love to climb.. which has been the cause of quite a few minor injuries lately. i want to make you a helmet. your dad wants to cover all the sharp/corner surfaces in foam noodles. the verdict is yet to be decided on who will win this battle.
  9. you like to hide my phone in sneaky places.. like your toy box.
  10. johnny cash & dolly parton are still your favorite singers. & you really know how to get down.