^^ my mother.. pardon her hair & glasses. she just came from the 80’s ^^

my family is full of girls. we have all girls & i was raised by all ladies & one grandfather who lived in a house full of ladies. the second i found out i was pregnant i knew it was girl & even our beautiful adopted babe was yet.. another girl!

being raised by all these ladies has been one of the biggest blessings & they have all taught me so much by watching how they have tackled everything that life happens to throw their way.

photo copy 2

^^my aunt on the day her daughter Ella was born^^

photo copy^^my one of a kind granny.. i am fairly sure i get my fashion sense from her^^

these ladies are the reason why i always wanted to be a mother. they always made everything in my life fun & took interest in all the things i wanted to do. & i am grateful to have them as an example on how to put my babe first before everything else.

love you mama’s.

& to my little daring.. thank you for choosing me to be your mama. IMG_3381