^^clementine wearing our new favorite thing ever. her urban baby bonnet^^

on monday we received some disappointing news. we will not be able to move into the house because of some freak thing that would ONLY happen to my husband & i. so all of this stress, packing, & a dining room full of boxes to the ceiling have been for nothing. but oddly enough my husband & i are some what at peace with this situation we find ourselves in.

you see.. we are big believers in silver linings. the two of us have always had the worst of luck. but whenever something majorly horrible happens another more amazing something is right around the corner. so maybe you could say we have the best of luck. the last time we had the worst string of luck we ended up with a beautiful baby clementine.. so this is where our optimism comes from. & perhaps the fact that we just don’t have the time or energy to feel sorry for ourselves.

to get our mind off the disappointment of the year & to get out of our apartment stuffed with boxes… we went to look at alligators.

& clementine felt the need to say “hi, hi, hi..” to every single alligator, snake, macaw, & or monitor she saw. this has a way of lifting your spirits some.

^^ this was originally going to be a babywearing post. here is a babywearing photo instead. she was admiring the macaw’s with “oooh watssss daat??!” ^^

i try not to be so serious here.. i always enjoy making others laugh. (especially at my husband’s expense. haha.) i guess perhaps my point of this post is to remind ya’ll that everything happens for a reason. we always end up where we are supposed to be.

there is still a super awesome, exciting, cool thing (well i think so anyway) that oh my darlin & i is about to reveal in the very near future. i will be sure to keep you posted.

Most people lose the ability to see silver linings even though they are always there above us almost everyday.

-Matthew Quick