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Hi I’m Jill from Goodnight Mush. I’m a SAHM living in Seattle, WA raising two little girls. I love writing about my bonded little family. Thank you so much Brittany for inviting me to write a guest post on your blog.

+++Learning to Babywear+++

Chances are if you are told by a first time mom that she planned on babywearing while she was pregnant, bought all the carriers, practiced and learned how to use them in advance….she’s full of it. Or if she did its because a very close friend or relative has shown her the way and even then there is a learning process. But for most of us, we just registered for a ergo or bjorn right along with the swing and a jogging stroller. Mainly with visions of looking super cute outward facing our little one along with us through an airport or on our way to a coffee shop. Then what actually happens is frantically trying to tie a Moby wrap while holding the manual as your partner is bouncing and singing to your hysterical newborn. *if this wasn’t your reality, you’re lucky!!

I got some practice because I was a nanny before having Mila. But unlike riding a bicycle, it doesn’t just come back to you. There were plenty of times she was tied in there too loosely. Or she overheated and so now I’m sweating in a Moby and holding a fussy newborn. But for those moments when I had both hands free to make a snack or pick up around the house with my little one smooshed up against my chest happily dreaming away safe and sound, its worth it.

I started first wearing Mila to stop her from fussying. Or if I needed to get from here to there. But soon I found myself wearing her for 4+ hours a day. And lurking instagram and facebook groups for all the different carriers and youtubing wrapping tutorials for wovens. I think its really important moms try all the carriers. If I’d just stuck with a stretchy wrap I would have stopped wearing months ago. For me ring slings are the best fit. I find them easier to use, and use properly. And I think they look smart and modern.

But there are perks to each kind of carrier and its about finding what works best for you and your family. Just because it takes you 5 minutes to get baby in, you’re sweaty and it still doesn’t look right doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. It gets easier. Its just a learning process. Luckily there are tons of babywearing groups on facebook. And ones that meet up in different cities. And instagram #’s have been a blessing when I wanted to make sure my carry looked right. I could just compare with others. Its just about sticking with it like anything else, practice makes perfect.