here is a guest post from my best friend and new blogger Dana from sweetDay.. enjoy!

There’s nothing I love more right now than blogging and there’s nothing I’d rather do then to guest post on my real life best friend’s AMAZING blog.


 (est 2003)

 BTW, Hi! I’m Dana, the creator of sweetDay , a blog inspired by my recent move to Hawaii.

 While the adventure to get here has been exciting, moving 4,500 miles away from my family and sister-from-another mister, Britty, has been not so exciting.

Not to mention I had to leave my precious Goddaughter.

IMG_20130408_103931 (how could I have left this face??)

 Being not just on the island, but on a military base without our cars can make this place seem small fast. I’ve been stir crazy quite a few times already this week. But, I know in a few weeks we’ll be more established and at least one the cars will be here so I can leave on my own free will!

 Being fairly new to the military lifestyle, new to marriage, and new to the island I’ve had much time to think of things that on a busy day wouldn’t normally cross my mind.



(here’s google babies to show I’m non-biased towards precious Clementine)

Baby Fever is a real thing ya’ll. Mostly in women, but it affects men too! (Article on the Fever) I’ve essentially had it since Clementine was born and after I got married my plan I made all those years before went straight out the window.  My first encounter to the military world, it seemed that literally every  woman was pregnant or at least had a little munchkin running around. This did not help. Unfortunately for me, my husband has not experienced this phenomenon yet so I will take this time to enjoy our days as a couple and continue to spoil Clementine rotten!

 Although I’m not blessed with little babes quite yet, I’m still obsessed with baby fashion trends!

Today, I’m highlighting my new store OBSESSION…Zara.

They have clothes for men, women, and little babes!


 Boys’ Leather Desert ShoeZara Boys Jacket with HoodZara Boys’ Striped Button TeeBoys Skinny JeansZara Girls’ SandalZara Girls Embroidered TeeZara Girls Printed Shorts with BowZara Girls’ Star Printed JumpsuitZara Girls Crochet Plimsoll ShoeZara Boys’ Double Collar PoloZara Striped Dress in SandZara Boys’ Bermuda ShortsBoys’ Trendy Basketball Boot

 What a great time to start showing off those chubby baby legs that we all love so much!

It’s been fun you guys! Hope to see you soon.