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clementine is a toddler now. which is so hard to believe. i will spare y’all the mushy where has my baby gone.. i assume if you know me or read my posts that is understood lol.

birthday girl.

after an entire year of having a daughter named clementine & being asked constantly if i think she will get made fun of  or if i care that she will be sung “oh my darlin clementine” her whole life the answer is… no.  my husband & i love her name. & no, we do not think she will be made fun of more than any other child for her name. & i can think of a lot worse things to happen to a person than to be stuck with the beautiful name of clementine. so there. this is the last time i defend my daughter’s name.

we had a teddy bear picnic for my darling last weekend with family & friends. clementine was showered with gifts & love. we truly appreciate everyone for sharing her day.


^^party girl in her vintage^^


^^teddy bear picnic^^



^^blustery day for balloons.^^

^strawberry lemonade cake.^

so my darling.. at a year old. 

you walk a few steps.. but still prefer to crawl. you can point out the colors red & blue. you can put together simple puzzles. you favorite song is twinkle twinkle*. you have two teeth. you still love your pug. you love to build with your wooden blocks.. you wave  & say “buuuh bye” & you say it with a southern accent. which is the sweetest thing in the world. you are starting to look more like your mama. but still look just like your dada at the same time.

you have your mama’s personality. watch out world. there is two of me.