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hummus painting.

^^^humus painting with celery while mama’s back was turned^^^

clementine i believe you are destined for art greatness & your medium. food. you made such a lovely painting today while i put our plates in the dishwasher. you always make me proud.

my motherhood multitasking skills reached an all time high this evening while attempting to undress an every so wiggly baby who threw there diaper.. which i so cleverly picked up with my toes & put in the diaper pail with my foot. mom your money spent on ballet lessons did not go to waste! this wiggly baby then crawled her way to the bath where she insisted on standing the whole time. why will you only stand in the bath tub? it is like you know the danger level.

lastly as i sit here to start a long evening of homework.. i find an alphabet magnent in my hair. the letter “A”. how or when did it get there? i do not know. well played motherhood.