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afterglow (3)^^^out in the wild on one of dada’s crazy adventures^^^

Dearest Clementine.. one day you will appreciate the strangeness that is your father & will love him for all the embarrassing things he makes us do. Because of his seemingly senseless obsessions we have some of the best memories.

This week his new fascination is to geocache. Which is a treasure hunt of sorts.. within the whole world.

We hiked a mile into the woods… I had on mocassins. Native Americans must have had some tough feet. 

afterglow (4)

^^^eating black bean soup at The Trestle^^^

Our efforts did not go unpaid.. Dada treated us to lunch.

This week also brought Clementine’s favorite New Yorker Vivienne! We decided to take her to our favorite park since Viv has never had a chance to swing.. living in New York City & all.

afterglow (6)

^^^ the babes fell asleep before we even made it to the swings ^^^

afterglow (7)afterglow (8)

afterglow (9)

^^^ these ladies shared lovely conversation & organic puffs for lunch ^^^

(their mama’s were actually able to finish a whole sandwich without interruption. a rare treat for this mama!)

afterglow (10)

^^^ Clemienne! ( Clementine & Vivienne ) ^^^

The ladies were also taken out shopping for new hair bows & shoes.

afterglow (11)

^^^ & they held hands in the cart while picking out bows ^^^

I must say that it was nice to spend time with another mama.. especially one who can talk over babies in the car that don’t want to be in their carseats anymore with you. This is a trait not all mama’s have. hahaha