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just want to publicly share my complete and full intentions of a much needed update of our apartment home. a majority of the furniture we have was given to a darling 18 year old couple when they first decided to move out almost 5 years ago..

needless to say this furniture though well loved and in fairly good condition is not so functional with a small child and is in need of being replaced.

our goal is to get everything thrifted or new to us in order to keep it “green” and we are just cheap like that. so I am sure there will be a lot of sanding, painting, and remodeling of old furniture to come in my future.

I am looking forward to a change. it is long overdue. and possibly a couch that Clementine will not try to chew on the wooden recliner handles because I am pretty sure that is not good for her health.


^^dada & clementine secrets^^

today was our first day of thrifting for the make over of sorts. & we came empty handed.. aside for a poncho for clementine. but that has nothing to do with the make over. hopefully next time we will have more luck.