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a ten month old Clementine… who loves to dance, eat peas, and play with her “mummy”.

my dearest baby,

you are growing too fast & learning everyday. at ten months old you are trying to walk & stand all on your own. it is only a matter of time before you are running down the hall.

you can point to the eyes on your baby dolls & you love to clap your hands when you listen to peter, paul, & mary.. who are your favorite people.

your best friends are our pugs, poncho & hugo. you call them “dugs” and pet them all day long. you are a very funny little thing & laugh at yourself and when “mummy” or “duh duh” do something funny..

i don’t know where the time has gone.. you should still be a little babe.

i love your pretty blue eyes & chubby cheeks & i think you are the most beautiful baby in the world.

“mummy” xoxo.

vintage baby dress from Vintage Surcees.