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^^Clementine’s new obsession is babies.. especially dolls^^

Sooo I am not one to exactly listen to advice from others & listen to what to expect from parenting. I am a hands on learner. haha. My poor baby is cutting teeth. And I will admit it.. I am tired. Waking up 3ish times a night is beginning to wear on me. I do believe I prefer the newborn phase over teething. *yikes* Poor baby.

Too my dismay my winter break from classes is almost over so I have spent the past couple of days trying to catch up on all the things I said I would do, like…

  • clean the bathrooms
  • clean out closets & donate items we don’t use/need
  • make more hair bows for clemmie (not so important but still a necessity)
  • catch up on other housework that never seems to get done :/

I have finished one item on this list.. clean the bathrooms. And I did not just clean the bathrooms I scrubbed & slaved over them for hours. I also used no chemicals only vinegar and baking soda. I will never use stinky chemicals again! So I do not feel as bad about the rest because the Robinson’s potties look divine.

Amidst all of the chaos of Clementine teething, me trying catch up on life, & also a new semester.. Corey has gone back to all nights at work. Which is wonderful because I love having him home during the day! However it makes cooking dinner for mama & baby bothersome.

That being said this is my confession to the world.. I have eaten chili mac for 5 days in a row. 

Yes, you can laugh. It is quite comical. I believe the only reason I made it this long is my strong midwestern roots.

(please note that Clementine has not had chili mac 5 days in a row.. she has been eating her usual homemade food of fruits & veggies. Although she did try said chili mac & what I have learned from this is that my baby loves spicy food!)