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I know.. I am late with the 2013 game. I have had a lot on my mind. While I hope most of y’all are successful with the New Year’s resolutions.. I just can’t bring myself to make any.

Yes I should loose the few extra baby weight pounds.

Yes I should keep up with my house work better… especially laundry.

Yes I should manage my time better.

Maybe I should recycle more and buy more organically and locally grown foods.

Just maybe I should watch a little less tv..

Geez, New Years you make me feel lame.

If I have any sort of resolution this year I share it with my husband and it is something that in the past few months we have been working on and that is to simplify our lives. No we are most likely never going to be living completely off the land and relying solely on ourselves for survival. However, we are taking steps to becoming more environmentally friendly because as we get older this issue is beginning to be important to us.

So happy 2013 to all.. I am sure there are great surprises in store for us all. And I know I am looking forward to spending time with my husband and watching our little babe grow.